MPO/MTP solutions for a more efficient “fiber everyday”

22. Oct 2021

If you want a more practical, space-saving and cost-effective solution in your project, then you should consider an MPO / MTP solution from LinkIT.

For example, one need might be to establish communication between two racks. This can then be easily solved with a trunk cable with MPO / MTP connectors at each end, as well as a cassette solution in each cabinet. The plug is plugged directly into each cassette, and it is all ready for use. In other words, you can forget about pigtails, welds, adapters and patch rails.

The trunk cable itself with the MPO / MTP connector usually consists of 12 fibers, but can also be delivered with fewer or more depending on the need. The cables are also adapted to the three polarization methods: A (Straigth), B (Reversed) or C (Flipped). The contact comes in two versions, either as he or she. The difference is two guide pins in the male connector and then opposite holes in the female connector.

LinkIT provides the solution with multimode fibers and single mode fibers, thus covering most needs. The trunk cable is also available in several designs, and can be delivered adapted to the desired length and with the desired sheath.

An MPO / MTP solution is very flexible and suitable for example:

· Gigabit Ethernet

· Interface between active devices

· Real Estate Installations

· Rack connections between optical switches

· Connections between O / E modules (opto / electrical)

· Telecommunications Networks

· Industry, Medicine, etc.