Power Distribution units for mounting in rack cabinets

11. Oct 2021

Power rails (PDU) for mounting in cabinets are one of many popular accessory products, and are available for both 10 “and 19” cabinets. They are available in different configurations, and for horizontal mounting (1U) as well as vertical mounting (0U).

The rails are made of high quality materials which results in long product life cycle. They are delivered ready with rack ears, which on several models can also be turned for the desired installation.

We know that projects vary, and there may therefore be a need to connect equipment with different connectors. We have models that are adapted to different standards, which further makes the installation easy.

LinkIT PDU with Circuit Breaker

PDU with Circuit Breaker

LinkIT’s PDUs with surge protection have circuit breakers, one for each outlet group, which secures and protects connected components against damage, overload and you against personal injury.

LinkIT PDU with Amperemeter

PDU with Amperemeter

Sometimes it can be important to have control over the power consumption, which is easy when an amperemeter is integrated in the PDU itself. Many data centers rely on a Building Management System (BMS) to monitor the power supplied to their cabinets.

PDU with lockable contacts

PDU with lockable contacts

Using lockable PDUs minimizes the risk of power failure of sensitive equipment, as the cable cannot be accidentally unplugged while working on the rack.

For full protection, we can offer a lockable busbar with surge protection, which protects all connected products used. You get the power rail with C20 plug on cable, C14 plug for connection to UPS or standard CEE 7/7 plug.

PDU with switch

PDU with switch

It can also be convenient with a power switch. Either when there is a need to cut the supply voltage to the equipment, or when a restart of the connected components is required.

PDU without switch

PDU without switch

If you only need a simple power rail for your rack cabinet without overload protection, switch etc., we can also offer this.